Officer Henter Jallaford of the 18th Precinct.

The 18th Precinct is a law enforcement and public safety organization in Cloudbank.


The 18th Precinct, along with its celebrated forecaster Henter Jallaford, was involved in investigating disappearances in Goldwalk over the past twelve months, including those of Lillian Platt, Preston Moyle, and Shomar Shasberg.

Officer Jallaford, the most highly decorated detective in the Precinct, vanished on the job. The Precinct announced that he had retired and named a quarter of his home district in his honor. A chryon headline available on a Terrace Plaza terminal in Highrise, dated 06-28-67 at 01:33, reads "18th Precinct Honors Career of H. Jallaford."

An OVC article by Amelia Garbur, dated 06-28-67 at 01:33, mentions a full-scale effort by the 18th Precinct to draw a monstrosity clinging to Bracket Towers South away from the population.


  • Jallaford Square, named after the missing forecaster, is located in Highrise near Bracket Towers.