Functions are usable skills that can be acquired through absorbing Traces using the Transistor.

List of SkillsEdit

Name Found From Description
Bounce() Niola Chein A ranged attack that can chain to hit multiple targets.
Breach() obtaining Transistor A simple projectile attack that shoots a beam in a straight line, damaging enemies.
Crash() Red A close ranged melee attack. The Transistor is raised above Red's head and driven into the ground. Can be charged for a more powerful strike.
Cull() Olmarq An area-of-effect attack that launches nearby Processes into the air and deals large amounts of damage.
Flood() Royce Bracket A projectile attack that deals damage over time.
Get() Bailey Gilande Draws targets closer to Red.
Help() Sybil Reisz Summons a friendly Fetch to fight the Process.
Jaunt() Preston Moyle A dashing ability that allows Red to move forward quickly then strike.
Load() Wave Tennegan Spawns an explosive packet that deals damage on impact.
Mask() Shomar Shasberg Disguises Red and makes her undetectable.
Ping() Henter Jallaford A rapid-fire ranged attack that fires shots at enemies.
Purge() Maximilias Darzi A poison-like ability that deals damage over time.
Spark() Lillian Platt An area-of-effect attack, damages any enemies caught in the radius.
Switch() Farrah Yon-Dale Turns Processes into allies, and allies into Processes.
Tap() Grant Kendrell Siphons health from Processes in the area.
Turn() No known trace Allows Red to pause time and plan attacks.
Void() Asher Kendrell Deals a large amount of damage and removes defensive abilities from an enemy.