"Gross." -- Unknown

Badcells are a form of the Process. They are spawned upon the rebirth of some Cells. They attack by shooting small black pellets that slow their targets.

Designation: BadcellEdit

< !-- the cells, they spoil! they spoil like, well, like anything that spoils except instead of spoiling they they they become something else, something they don't seem to want to be. this is no conversion but a total metamorphosis, it cannot be reversed as far as i can tell. once the cell has shifted to this form, then all that remains is for it to expel its stored potential, like a last breath. back into the ether i suppose. some form of self defense? royce --!>


  • BadCells are corrupted and explode when terminated
  • BadCell 2.0 moves and fires much more quickly
  • When terminated, BadCells emit an explosive blast that slows User
  • BadCell 3.0 has a regenerating single-shot shield


Badcells look very similar to Cells, but are made of black metal instead of white metal.


Badcells are capable of very rapid movement, but die quickly and can only attack with a weak laser. Badcells will also explode upon death causing a burst shockwave that will damage Red and apply a slowing debuff on her.

Upgraded versions of Badcells possess a faster pellet blaster attack and spherical red shields, making them more difficult to destroy.

Badcells are relatively the weakest form of mobile Process encountered, however they are able to overwhelm the player with sheer numbers also using their rapid movement as an advantage.


  • Version 2.0: Faster Attack Speed
  • Version 3.0: Single-shot Shield


  • All of the Cells spawned by YoungLadies become Badcells on rebirth.