Breach() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor. It is a simple projectile attack, where a projectile (presumably a beam of energy) is shot from the Transistor in a straight line. It is acquired upon possession of the Transistor.

Breach has a long range, is relatively strong, and pierces through enemies to hit everything along its line of fire. It's generally an excellent choice for a ranged attack, especially when combined with Ping for increased firing speed, Flood for crowd control, and Bounce for multi-target damage.

Breach's biggest drawback is its long Turn cost and slow firing speed, which leaves Red open for a considerable time, especially if used at the end of a Turn.


Breach with Crash: Breach stuns and disrupt targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Breach with Spark: Breach fans out multiple projectiles that do more damage up close.

Breach with Jaunt: Breach fires instantly and become usable during Turn recovery.

Breach with Mask: Breach deals greater backstab damage to targets.

Breach with Load: Breach deals damage in an area at the point of impact but no longer penetrate.

Breach with Help: Breach gains a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Breach with Bounce: Breach chains to multiple nearby targets.

Breach with Ping: Breach becomes more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Breach with Get: Breach pulls targets toward you and deal more damage at longer range.

Breach with Purge: Breach slows targets and deal damage over time.

Breach with Flood: Breach leaves a damage trail in its wake.

Breach with Void: Breach deals significantly more damage.

Breach with Tap: Breach siphons some life points from targets.

Breach with Switch: Breach briefly switches the targets’ allegiance to your side.

Breach with Cull: Breach deals more damage and send targets flying upward.