The Cheerleader is a form of the Process. They have the unique ability to shield other enemies and protect them from attacks.

Designation: CheerleaderEdit

< !-- now these little fellows are quite remarkable really and i believe are the key to how the process is able to construct, or destruct as the case may be! whatever they set their sights upon, why it becomes impervious really, as though encased in thick glass. this way the process can just build and build and build, clean and happy, no distraction to surrounding environs, no need for pardon-our-dust or anything like that. it all gets done in a hurry. but not in a rush! not in a rush. the work, it is immaculate. royce. --! >


  • Cheerleaders fully protect a Target
  • Cheerleaders have no offensive capability
  • Cheerleader 2.0 amplifies their target's offensive capability
  • Cheerleaders can be knocked out of range of their desired target
  • Cheerleader 3.0 intermittently shields itself


The Cheerleader resembles a small white satellite dish with a red antenna in the middle. It is low to the ground, and emits a teal beam while protecting another process.


Cheerleaders have no offensive abilities, yet are still formidable enemies due to the fact that they can protect others. They can also protect themselves once they are upgraded to version 3.0. The Cheerleader cannot shield constantly however, and an opportunity for attack is created while the Cheerleader is not forming a shield.


  • Version 2.0: Target Amplifier
  • Version 3.0: Selfshield