Cluckers are a form of the Process. They are spawned upon the rebirth of some Cells. They attack by shooting small black pellets that slow their targets.

Designation: CluckerEdit

< !-- this one is rather inconspicuous, even nonchalant, so very timid in its disposition, though, its appendages, that is to say its legs, they will need a closer look, why are they not rigid? fleshy almost, appearing natural in shape and texture, which strikes me as very very odd. the process, it is big on self-improvement, that i know... but i do not know if copying the way we mill about, the way we wander, i don't know if that qualifies? in any case this is a newer model, has to be, able to traverse denser environments undetected and quite literally lead the way for its associates. it is a bit like an explorer! royce --! >


  • Cluckers use a ballistic weapon that affects a large area
  • Cluckers cannot attack at close range
  • Clucker 2.0 leaves a trail that slows User
  • Cluckers accelerate to top speed when moving
  • Clucker 3.0 spawns disruption fields that inhibit Turn()
  • Contact with a Clucker disruption field ends Turn() immediately


Cluckers are white robots that have two small legs, and are about the size of a chicken. They have red circles where their legs attach to their bodies.



A Clucker leaving an Anti-Chasing Trail.

Cluckers run quickly on their small legs, and use this to flee if Red approaches them. They have a mortar, and fire ranged projectiles as their main method of attack. When upgraded, they leave a trail that slows Red down and keeps her from chasing them.


  • Version 2.0: Anti-Chasing Trail
  • Version 3.0: Turn() Disruptor


  • The trail left by upgraded Cluckers is made of small white Cell-like objects with either red or black caps. In keeping with the bird motif of this type of Process, the objects also resemble eggs.
  • The projectiles thrown by Cluckers leave white squares of various sizes in their impact area, resembling white squares which, elsewhere in the game, turn into birds and fly away when disturbed.