"More of these creeps." -- Unknown

Creeps are a form of the Process. They are the most common type of Process, and are the first to be encountered by Red.

Designation: CreepEdit

< !-- busy busy busy aren't they, with their feet (or feelers maybe?) all clattering about. very hard-working, diligent, dignified even, despite menial role within process hierarchy, though hierarchy, that is not quite right. more like union! most respectable. a pair of these, they often work in pairs, can wipe out a small house in an hour or two if sufficiently impelled. then the others in the family they all come on in to make way for something new, something different, often something better than before. royce --! >


  • Creeps cannot use their beam weapons while moving
  • Creeps will seek out the User under most circumstances
  • Caution: Creep cutting beams can draw User out of position


Creeps are composed of white metal legs, a floating red orb that is partially covered by a piece of white metal, and a piece of white metal above the orb. Their Cell is exposed from the back, as revealed by their data files.


Creeps attack with a projectile beam attack, which does large amounts of damage over time. However, the Creeps must actually see Red to attack her, so she can use cover to avoid them. Upgraded versions of Creeps can fire three projectile beams at once to cover a wider area, and some can even pull Red when hitting her to keep her from escaping.


  • Version 2.0: Three Beams
  • Version 3.0: Gravity Beams