"Bad boy!" -- Unknown

A Fetch is a type of Process that resembles a canine. They run quickly, have a large amount of health, and will always pursue Red if they can see her.

For Friends, friendly dogs which are not Fetches, see Help(). For Luna, see the Sandbox.

Designation: FetchEdit

< !-- first signs of aggression i've seen from the process, real aggression i mean, all of them a bit temperamental really, but this? need to keep a healthy distance, develop disincentives, make the terms of the relationship abundantly clear. i don't yet know what to make of this, what is the process trying to protect itself from with something like this, me? at any rate it's plain this form came to be for something other than solving the city's problems, but when, why? and how is it able to disappear completely despite all we've done to draw it out? will come back to this, royce --! >


  • Fetches are not Friends
  • Fetches are intent on assaulting User's current position
  • Fetches can only strike while adjacent to the User
  • Fetch 2.0 conceals itself intermittently
  • Fetch 2.0 cannot be harmed while concealed
  • Fetch 3.0 stuns User with each strike


Fetches look like metallic dogs, with white bodies and black legs. They have a glowing red circle on their thigh and a red snout.

Fetches are very fast, and chase after Red as long as she is in range. They can run faster than her, and will inevitably catch up to her, causing large amounts of damage. The Stunning Bark used by version 3.0 Fetches can stun Red and make it even more difficult for the player to get away. However, Fetches have no ranged attacks and can only attack with Bark() up close.


  • Version 2.0: Hunting Cloak
  • Version 3.0: Stunning Bark