Get() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor. Get is a power that draws its target close to Red. Unlike other powers, the damage done by a single shot of Get varies by distance. Targets at a greater distance take more damage than targets closer to Red. This means that Get's real usability depends on the environment of the fight itself - although great for large, spread-out arenas, Get becomes a poor choice when fighting at close range.

Targets hit by Get become Shifted temporarily, opening them up for extra damage. As a result, Get is ideal for combinations with melee attacks like Crash, as a one-two punch.

Get's passive power is to collect Cells at a longer range than normal, making it that much easier to mop up fights quickly without risk of respawning enemies.


Get with Crash: Get briefly makes targets more vulnerable to other Functions.

Get with Breach: Get gains greater maximum range and penetrate through targets.

Get with Spark: Get fans out into multiple projectiles that draw in targets.

Get with Jaunt: You can use Get during Turn recovery.

Get with Mask: Get temporarily banishes the target while pulling it closer.

Get with Load: Get becomes slightly stronger and deal damage in a blast radius.

Get with Help: Get gains a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Get with Bounce: Get chains multiple nearby targets.

Get with Ping: Get becomes more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Get with Purge: Get slows targets, dealing damage over time.

Get with Flood: Get leaves a damage trail in the wake of the attack.

Get with Void: Get gains higher maximum damage potential.

Get with Tap: Get siphons some life points from the target.

Get with Switch: Get briefly switches the targets’ allegiance to your side.

Get with Cull: Get will deal more damage and send targets flying upward.


Get()'s in-game description shows a Turn() planning cost of 10, but its actual cost is 15.