"No queue to get in. That's a first." -- Unknown

Goldwalk Channel is a gallery area in Cloudbank's Goldwalk district. Local advocate Niola Chein was involved in its opening.


Located between Goldwalk Boulevard and Goldwalk Plaza, the Channel boasted "a trove of popular artifacts" and supported considerable foot traffic. No street cars ran through the area. An information kiosk was available, along with an Access Point and an OVC Terminal.


Goldwalk Channel was conceived by Niola Chein, a prominent Goldwalk activist dedicated to the welfare and improvement of her community. Intended as a gallery space, the Channel would collect and showcase the eclectic works of people whose nonstandard vocations generally held little voteshare.

However, a group publicly accosted Chein at the Channel's opening to air 17 different grievances against both her and it, including accusing her of stirring unrest by providing space for unpopular perspectives and venting anger over the Channel edging out a competing vote for a Goldwalk-Highrise metro. Chein's loss of temper during the incident, which was prevented from escalation by a group which stood to her defense, lent credibility to later rumors about reasons for her unexplained disappearance.

During the invasion by the Process, the district was cleared out and the Channel was redecorated into unrecognizability by Weeds and a Jerk.