Jaunt() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor. It is acquired by absorbing the soul of P. Moyle. It consists of a short-distance dash followed by a melee attack.

Jaunt is essentially a dodging move, and an indispensable power for several reasons. First, it is one of two powers that can be used during Turn Recovery. Second, it is slightly faster to move with Jaunt in Turn than it is to walk, improving Turn efficiency. Third, Jaunt is able to combine with other powers to make them usable during Recovery, or to add secondary effects to Jaunt's dodge itself (Load and Spark are especially good combinations for dealing with crowds).

When set to a Passive Slot, Jaunt shortens the recovery time after using Turn().


Jaunt with Crash: Jaunt stuns and disrupt targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Jaunt with Breach: Jaunt damages targets along the your trajectory.

Jaunt with Spark: Jaunt rains Spark particles along the your path.

Jaunt with Mask: Jaunt very briefly renders the user undetectable.

Jaunt with Load: Jaunt deals damage in an area around the destination.

Jaunt with Help: Jaunt leaves behind a copy of you.

Jaunt with Bounce: Jaunt gains a faster cooldown, but it transports you a shorter distance.

Jaunt with Ping: Jaunt becomes more efficient to plan during Turn.

Jaunt with Get: Jaunt spawns a gravity well where you use it, drawing in nearby targets.

Jaunt with Purge: Jaunt spawns a Purge parasite from where you use it.

Jaunt with Flood: Jaunt briefly leaves a damage trail along the your path.

Jaunt with Void: Jaunt briefly raises your damage output.

Jaunt with Tap: Jaunt restores life points.

Jaunt with Switch: Jaunt instantly turns nearby targets’ allegiances to your side for a short while.

Jaunt with Cull: Jaunt launches targets upward in an area around the destination.

Jaunt with Jaunt: Jaunt quickens Turn() recovery when used. (Requires obtaining a second copy of Jaunt in Recursion.)


  • Upon gaining the ability, Unknown quotes We All Become, a song by Red, noting that it allows her to "go where it suits you."