Jerks are a form of the Process. They are slow and have a low range, though when they are upgraded they can pull Red towards them.

Designation: JerkEdit

< !-- wouldn't want to agitate this particular specimen, would strongly advise against any such thing, do not disturb! although, it is quite docile really! not easily disturbed but not to be disturbed. its large frame suggests to me it is an older form, less efficient, less capable in some ways, though specialized, specialized like all the rest. it wouldn't still be around if it didn't have its uses, and just you look at it, you can guess that it's for i'm sure. you need a good plot of land to build upon, why, here's the process you ought to call. royce --! >


  • Jerk 2.0 will move faster when reduced below 50% life
  • Jerks strike faster at close range
  • Jerks have high life and are relatively difficult to terminate
  • Jerk 3.0 can reel in Targets


Jerks are composed of a central white metal base with a Cell floating above it. Jerks also have a red eye that is shielded by many pieces of white metal, and two arms that oscillate rapidly, striking the ground and creating shockwaves.


Jerks attack by oscillating their arms rapidly, repeatedly striking the ground and creating short-range shockwaves. They continually move towards Red, as damage is only dealt while in close contact. Jerks also have the most health to make up for their somewhat lacking mobility and range. Upgraded versions of Jerks are capable of pulling Red towards them once in a while, giving them an opportunity to attack.


  • Version 2.0: Retaliation Mode
  • Version 3.0: Towing Beam