are an equippable status debuff for Red that increases the strength of the Process in exchange for receiving more experience points. Players unlock Limiters as they reach higher User Levels. Limiters are freely equippable, allowing players to customize which Limiters are in effect and how much bonus experience they gain from them. When every single limiter is equipped, the symbol of Cloudbank to the right of the screen glows red. When you exit and go back into the limiter menu again, the red rises to the height before, perhaps to show the rise of the Process. Each Limiter is related to a different Process, such as Man or Fetch.

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  • When the first Limiter is activated, Unknown remarks, "Something's happened. In here." This suggests that rather than being simply a game mechanic, Limiters are a way for the Transistor to directly reconfigure the Process.
Icon Name How to Obtain
Bet() Bet() Complete 5 encounters with 1 or more Limiters in use.
Dare() Dare() Complete 5 encounters with 5 or more Limiters in use.
Risk() Risk() Complete 5 encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.