"Guess what's inside. Yep, explosions." --Unknown

Load() is a function in Transistor.

Load is an explosive attack. When used, it spawns a Packet (a small bomb) that will go off after a certain amount of time. While the Packet is out, it can be thrown or redirected by melee attacks such as Crash or Cull. This allows it to be tossed into groups of enemies to devastate them all at once.

Load also works well to modify other powers by giving them splash effects. Using Load with melee attacks can allow Red to strike whole swathes of enemies in the same attack, or hit a large group from far away with a ranged attack.


Load with Crash: Load forms Packets that stun targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Load with Breach: Load forms Packets at long range.

Load with Spark: Load forms several smaller Packets at a time.

Load with Jaunt: Load detonates automatically and be usable during Turn recovery.

Load with Mask: Load forms Target-banishing Packets and briefly conceals the user.

Load with Help: Load forms Packets with a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Load with Bounce: Load forms Packets that explode into ricocheting bolts.

Load with Ping: Load become more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Load with Get: Load forms Packets that draw in nearby targets.

Load with Purge: Load forms Packets that apply damage over time.

Load with Flood: Load forms self-immolating Packets engulfed in damage field.

Load with Void: Load forms Packets that are even more destructive.

Load with Tap: Load forms Packets that restore some life points when detonated.

Load with Switch: Load forms Packets that briefly switch Targets’ allegiance to your side.

Load with Cull: Load deals more damage and send targets flying upward.