Man is a form of the Process. They are spawned near the end of the game, and are the most advanced form of the Process.

Designation: ManEdit

< !-- the process, i believe it is beginning to take on certain characteristics of its environment, its environment in this case consisting of your truly i suppose, and my associates. one of the others who shall be left nameless suggested this might be a form of tribute, like a living sculpture, but he or she does not know what he or she is talking about and i fear something else is going on here, something rather troubling. precaution thing but i've implemented a number of interlocking safety limiters that should keep the process well in line for just in case, can never be too sure. royce --!>


  • Men provide a status bonus to all other Men in the vicinity
  • Shared Status: Shooty raises Men's attack range
  • Shared Status: Sturdy makes Men regenerate
  • Shared Status: Sneaky makes Men invisible until they take action
  • Haircuts can be attacked and destroyed
  • Haircuts are vulnerable to status-altering Functions such as Switch()


Men take a humanoid form, with a white metallic body and a black head. They are dressed in white suits, and could be interpreted as a businessman or leader of some kind. Their heads look similar to the Haircuts they spawn.


Men can summon Haircuts, which are a form of seeker missile. They search for Red, and explode on contact doing lots of damage. Men also have a very powerful ability called Sharing. When multiple Men appear in the same fight, you can see something called "Shared Status" on the Turn screen. This can be any one of the following abilities:

  • Shared Status: Stealthy (This Man is Masked.)
  • Shared Status: Speedy (This Man Jaunts very quickly).
  • Shared Status: Shooty (This Man shoots beams at long range.)
  • Shared Status: Sturdy (This Man quickly regenerates health.)

While any one Man is still alive, the rest of the Men in that fight share that ability.