"Max Darzi gave up Fashion Week to get caught up in all this..." -- Unknown

Maximilas Darzi is a character in Transistor. His function is Purge().

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Not everyone wears the Darzi brand. However, two years ago, more than 56% of individuals between age of 16 and 42 showed interest in or complimented someone wearing Mr. Maximilias Darzi's clothing. The self-styled Cloudbank Clothier became a fashion icon in his early 20s when he introduced to the world a garment line that boldly eschewed formal tradition. Not only that, so prolific was his work that seemingly everyone in Cloudbank (in reality it was only 8% of the population at the time) found garments that spoke to them as individuals. In spite of this, all was not well in Mr. Darzi's life.


In private Mr. Darzi suffered from certain dependencies he believed were the source of his talent, or rather the source of his inspiration. Unfortunately, he was correct in this assessment. When he decided to come forward and wean himself from these dependencies, after an initial public outpouring of support, his career started to falter. His ideas came less quickly or he could not act on them as quickly. And so, against the wishes of his closest confidant and partner, he resumed his old habits. It was then that Mr. Darzi met certain individuals professing knowledge of his condition, who invited him to participate in an experiment that could cure him without compromise. Believing he had little to lose, Mr. Darzi decided it was worth at shot.



Maximilias Darzi's Trace Bank in the Transistor.

It may seem mundane for the Camerata to take interest in a man like Mr. Darzi. Yet from the Camerata's perspective, he was perfect. Here was someone with the capacity to sway thousands in a subtle way, and whose career appeared to be waning. The public would readily accept that such a man, publicly disgraced, would decide to head to the Country away from the bustle of city life. And indeed, the public took this news at face value -- all but Mr. Darzi's confidant, whom the Camerata dealt with separately.


  • While is likely that Sybil Reisz knew Darzi through her involvement in planning Cloudbank Fashion Week, he had been targeted by Royce Bracket as early as the previous year. His name was the third on Bracket's list of potential victims, dated 08-21-66 at 05:04, with the note "clothier always in the news."
  • A chryon headline dated 06-26-67 at 13:00, scrolling over the petition for a bridge from Goldwalk Bay to Fairview, reads, "New Evidence Cloudbank Clothier Max Darzi Did Not Retire."
  • Maximilias Darzi's Trace Bank is the center unit in the second row, numbered 106. The Trace Bank of his confidant Lillian Platt is directly beside it in 105.