The Operator is a unique type of Process that appears as a large white box and spawns other forms of the Process. Unlike most other Processes, no Limiter is associated with Operators.


  • Operators periodically spawn the Process
  • Terminate Operators before they finish spawning the Process
  • Operators have no direct defensive capabilities


Operators do not move, do not attack, and have little in the way of defenses. Their only purpose is to spawn other types of Process to the battlefield. Each Operator has a limited number of Spawns, with a fixed set of Processes that can appear in that fight. These spawns can produce anything, from Badcells to Fetches to Jerks. For this reason, it is important that Red destroy the Operators first, to make sure that no more Processes can join the fight.

Often, an Operator will be protected by a Cheerleader at the beginning of the fight, making it that much harder to destroy.

Once an Operator has used all its Spawns, it becomes inert. However, Operators often have several thousand HP, so they can take quite some time to completely destroy. To destroy an Operator quickly, use powerful attacks like Cull and Flood. Note that Operators have no "face" side, so they cannot be Backstabbed or Shifted. Unmasking will still provide its double damage bonus.