Ping() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor.

Ping is a rapid-fire ranged attack. Although each shot is fairly weak, Ping's low Turn cost allows it to be fired in quick succession several times in one Turn. Like Breach and Bounce, it can be combined with powers that make it ideal for damaging several enemies, although it can be fired in many directions, in the same time that others take to fire in only one direction. However, Ping's low base damage makes it a poor choice for dealing with bigger, tougher targets like Jerks and Youngladies. It's best used to shoot up crowds of weaker enemies, like Weeds and Badcells.

Ping can be used to improve the firing speed of other powers, and its passive power is to decrease the Turn() cost for moving, allowing Red to move more in Turn().


Ping with Breach: Ping fires farther and with more velocity.

Ping with Spark: Ping fans out into multiple projectiles that are more damaging at close range.

Ping with Jaunt: You can use Ping during Turn recovery.

Ping with Mask: Ping deals great backstab damage to targets.

Ping with Load: Ping deals damage in an area of effect on impact.

Ping with Help: Ping gains a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Ping with Bounce: Ping chains to multiple nearby targets.

Ping with Get: Ping pulls targets to you and deals more damage at longer range.

Ping with Purge: Ping slows targets, dealing damage over time.

Ping with Flood: Ping briefly leaves a damage trail in the wake of each shot.

Ping with Void: Ping deals more damage.

Ping with Tap: Ping siphons some life points from the target.

Ping with Switch: Ping briefly switches the targets’ allegiance to your side.

Ping with Cull: Ping deals more damage and send targets flying upward.