Purge() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor.

Unlike direct attacks, Purge is a power that deals damage over time. Although it is capable of doing more damage than other attacks like Breach or Load, the Purge effect can be canceled or interrupted by other effects (such as the protection of a Cheerleader), so its potency is limited. Note also that Purge cannot stack - an enemy cannot be hit by Purge twice, so they will not take double the damage.

For these reasons, Purge often works best when combined with another power, like Crash or Flood, to give regular attacks an extra kick. Expanding the attack's range with Load or Spark will spread it out, allowing Red to hit multiple enemies with Purge at the same time.


Purge with Crash: Purge stuns and disrupt targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Purge with Breach: Purge fires farther and with more velocity.

Purge with Spark: Purge launches two smaller parasites toward multiple targets.

Purge with Jaunt: You can use Purge during Turn recovery.

Purge with Mask: Purge temporarily banishes targets while applying damage over time.

Purge with Load: Purge afflicts targets in a blast radius at the point of impact.

Purge with Help: Purge gains a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Purge with Bounce: Purge passes through targets, potentially affecting more than one.

Purge with Ping: Purge becomes more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Purge with Get: Purge pulls its target to you in addition to the base effects.

Purge with Flood: Purge will leave a damage trail in the wake of the attack.

Purge with Void: Purge slows and damages the target over a longer period of time.

Purge with Tap: Purge restores your life points over time in addition to its base effects.

Purge with Switch: Purge temporarily switches targets’ allegiance but no longer applies damage.

Purge with Cull: Purge deals a burst of damage on impact in addition to its base effects.