Snapshot is a type of Process resembling a multiple-lens camera array.

Designation: SnapshotEdit

< !-- spent many many hours staring into these unblinking eyes, rather calming really. the process keeps meticulous records, very responsible, and this is sort of their book-keeper near as i can tell. now i can't make heads or tails of those records, yet, but there are timestamps, they have to be timestamps, which is how i know. in any case the sense of feeling monitored constantly, while troubling at first, i found with time it fades. royce --! >


  • Snapshots can dodge most attacks but are vulnerable afterwards
  • Snapshot 2.0 gains a higher clip capacity
  • Snapshots try to maintain a certain distance from User
  • Snapshots attack the User's predicted position not current position
  • Snapshot 3.0 uses an Uncertainty Generator to hide during Turn()


Snapshots are white circles that float in the air. They contain a red core, presumably containing a Cell and a lens used to take pictures.


This particular Process will often take 'snapshots' of Red that show up directly on the screen briefly. Later versions also include the ability to 'scramble' the planning area during Turn(). The amount of 'noise' generated by Snapshot during Turn() seems to be dependent on how close to or far away from Red is. The further away from it Red is, the more it conceals itself, making it difficult to pinpoint its exact location from greater distances. Inversely, the closer to it Red seems to be, the more it shrouds the rest of the planning field, making it difficult to attack other targets in the area. Its main attack is firing multiple, consecutive shots at once at Red, which deals moderate damage the longer you stay in the path of the projectiles.


  • Version 2.0: Bigger Pictures
  • Version 3.0: Uncertainty Generator


  • Several Snapshots are found gathered around Red's posters. If left undisturbed, they begin to take pictures of the posters, and Unknown wonders if they like her.