Tap() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor.


Tap with Crash: Tap stuns and disrupts targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Tap with Breach: Tap fires at range rather than in an area around you.

Tap with Spark: Tap fires out multiple blasts of the effect.

Tap with Jaunt: Tap fires faster and be usable during turn recovery.

Tap with Mask: Tap renders you undetectable while preparing the effect.

Tap with Load: Tap deals more damage in an even wider blast radius.

Tap with Help: Tap gains a 50 percent chance to prevent Cells from spawning.

Tap with Bounce: Tap chain-reacts from any target it strikes.

Tap with Ping: Tap becomes more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Tap with Get: Tap pulls targets to you and deals more damage at longer range.

Tap with Purge: Tap slows targets, dealing damage over time.

Tap with Flood: Tap leaves behind a damage field in its area of effect.

Tap with Void: Tap deals significantly more damage.

Tap with Switch: Tap briefly switches targets’ allegiances to your side.

Tap with Cull: Tap deals more damage and sends targets flying upward.