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The Camerata are a group of four powerful and influential individuals in the city of Cloudbank. Established by Grant Kendrell and Royce Bracket, the group circumvents the official administration and democratic nature of Cloudbank, in order to establish some form of stability in the ever-changing city.


The group uses the Transistor to "integrate" various individuals of influence. The true reason for integration is unknown, perhaps the Camerata had moral objection to outright killing their targets. Integration, however, does also appear to increase the functionality of the Transistor.


The Camerata are essentially the secret government of Cloudbank. They clandestinely monitor, create, repair, and maintain the metropolis using "The Process," a force of powerful robotic entities of unknown origin. The group's main tool is the Transistor, a greatsword-like device that has the ability to absorb not only information, but entire buildings and even human consciousnesses.  

The Camerata had a hard time keeping up with the constant thirst of new and exciting attractions for the citizens of Cloudbank, so they began regulating the city. They used the Transistor to absorb influential individuals in hopes of creating constant new and interesting concepts for the city. All went well until they set their scope on the songstress Red.  

To their knowledge, Red was alone prior to a then-sold out concert. When they approached her and attempted to stab her with the Transistor, a man stepped in the way of the blade and took the blow meant for Red. This event led to the ultimate downfall of the organization.  

With Red taking the group's only tool to keep the city afloat, chaos began engulfing the city. Without the Transistor, the Camerata had no way of controlling the Process, and it soon began to engulf the city. The Camerata's members are scattered, as many as two could have been infected by the process, with a third waiting for Red in Fairview. 



  • The group's logo appears to represent the Transistor resting in the Cradle, with a diagonal line touching their intersection point and emerging as part of the Process.
  • In an early version of the game, the Camerata was composed of five people instead of four.
  • The group's logo resembles the electronic symbol for a NPN bipolar junction transistor


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