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The Country is a reference within Transistor about a place that has not been touched by the technology of Cloudbank or its inhabitants. In theory, this is the place which all people of Cloudbank wish to travel to, "but never come back", according to Royce Bracket. In some way, this can reference to the afterlife or a place within the Transistor.

Accessibility of the Country within the game.[edit | edit source]

There are two moments in the game which can be considered to be the Country by the standards of the word's definition; a very rural, natural place almost untouched by humans.

The first moment is the final battle with Royce Bracket, which is a place similar to a farm-field. This field takes place within the Transistor, or a machine in connection to the Transistor and the mainframe of the Process.

The second encounter with a place that can be considered the Country is the last Credits screen, in which Red meets her lover. It shows a farm building in the background and the two characters in a wheat field.

Possible Meanings.[edit | edit source]

  • If the Country is in fact the Afterlife, or heaven to be more specific, it supports Royce Bracket's theory of "the people of Cloudbank wishing to travel to this place, but never come back". Since there is no more information about the Country stated within the game specifically, this is open to discussion.
  • Another meaning of the Country is a part of the Transistor or the overall mainframe of the Process accessed by the Transistor. Those places are actually shown twice in-game, first during the final battle, and second during the credits. However, this meaning is still open to discussion as there are several references to the Country from people who should not have any prior knowledge regarding the Transistor or the nature of the Process, most prominently in one of Red's songs, 'We All Become', which was clearly written and performed before she lost her voice, i.e. before she first came into contact with the Transistor.
  • A third, somewhat less popular suggestion is that the Country actually references the real world, as opposed to Cloudbank's seeming virtual world. Some people claim that the wheat field and farm seen in the end credits takes place in the real world, and implies that everyone who died managed to escape the digital world of Cloudbank. This theory is unlikely as the Traces of multiple people remain in Cloudbank instead of escaping, and the mechanism through which Red and her lover escaped remains unexplained.
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