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"You've reached the hopefully-not-permanent address of Mr Nobody." --Unknown

Unknown, also referred to as Subject Not Found and Mr. Nobody, is the one of the two main protagonists and the "narrator" of Transistor.

In the beginning of the game, he sacrificed himself to save Red's life, and as a result his consciousness was absorbed into the titular Transistor. It is implied that he and Red were in a relationship before the events of the game. He is voiced by Logan Cunningham, who also voiced the narrator, Rucks, in Supergiant's first and previous game, Bastion.


Although Unknown spends the game inside of the Transistor, his physical body is seen at the start of the game, in a flashback, and in the end credits. His face is always mostly obscured, but other parts of his body are still visible. In his physical body, he is taller than Red, and has short black hair. He wears a jacket with a yellow equilateral triangle on the back and sleeves that go down to his elbows, which Red wears for a majority of the game. He wears gauze hand wraps around his arms, wrists, palms, and between his fingers.

Function Files[]


Error: Subject background data corrupted during integration. Reason: Unknown.


Recovered data indicates Subject had no Selections on record. There is a remote possibility (less than 5%) that this information is inaccurate due to data corruption. In the more likely event that the information is valid, Subject by definition cannot be matched with the census data, as 0% of Cloudbank willingly chose nonselection.


Timestamp on Subject's integration coincides with timestamp of previous authenticated User relinquishing access and control. Although Subject's trace data was corrupted during integration, nonetheless such data has it's uses, and consequently derived a suitable Function. Subject's trace data remains disjointed and cannot be recovered.


  • In the game's files, he's referred to as Auden, which is also the game's in-development codename. This could be a hint as to his true identity. The files also refer to him as Boxer, an indication of his career corroborated by his hand-wraps and the likelihood that he was the "protection" Red hired after violence erupted at one of her shows.
  • It is implied that he isn't a registered citizen of Cloudbank, as the Transistor has no records of him whatsoever. He mentions being able to "put off selection a little longer" when Red observes the deserted Selection Office.
  • Unknown mentions having disliked Highrise until he found out that Red lived there.
  • While inside the Transistor and when unaffected by the Spine, Unknown could see Red "where the sky should be." He could also converse with and gather information from people who were being taken into the Transistor, but could not see them. He could not feel anything that was happening when the Transistor was used in combat.
  • Unknown is familiar with Red's song lyrics, quoting The Spine and We All Become at various points and harmonizing with her in Paper Boats during the game's pre-credits montage. He also hums the tune of We All Become when the game's Voice Volume setting is adjusted and, while under the influence of the Spine, sometimes sings along when Red hums.