Void() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor.

When Void hits an enemy, that enemy loses a great deal of its attack and defense strengths. It's relatively cheap in Turn cost as well, making it an ideal power for neutering dangerous opponents - and unlike Purge, Void can stack, compounding its effect on a target up to three times.

However, its most powerful effect is to boost the base damage of other powers to a whopping 150%. This makes weaker attacks like Ping and Spark into crowd-clearing machines, and turns stronger attacks like Breach and Cull into devastating one-shot blows. If the player can't choose a specific attack to amplify, Void's passive power can slightly boost the base damage of all the attacks in Red's arsenal.

Void's biggest drawback is that it takes 4 MEM slots to equip and use. This often means that Void will be among the first powers to go when/if Red loses all her health and the Transistor overloads.


Void with Crash: Void stuns and disrupt targets, exposing vulnerabilities.

Void with Breach: Void applies its effects in an area much farther away.

Void with Spark: Void automatically stacks multiple instances of its effects.

Void with Jaunt: Void fires instantly and becomes usable during Turn recovery.

Void with Mask: Void renders you undetectable while preparing the effect.

Void with Load: Void affects an even wider area.

Void with Help: Void gives affected targets a 50 percent chance to not spawn Cells when eliminated.

Void with Bounce: Void chains between nearby targets.

Void with Ping: Void becomes more efficient to plan during Turn and faster in real time.

Void with Get: Void draws nearby targets toward the center of the effect.

Void with Purge: Void slows targets, dealing damage over time in addition to the base effect.

Void with Flood: Void envelopes the target in a damage field that harms nearby targets.

Void with Tap: Void deals minor damage and siphon some life points from targets.

Void with Switch: Void briefly switches the Targets’ allegiance to your side.

Void with Cull: Void launches targets upward in addition to the base effect.