Weeds are a form of the Process. They sit stationary on the field and allow other Processes to regenerate health when they come near.

Designation: WeedEdit

< !-- the ground is positively teeming with these little numbers isn't it now? they spread while underground of this i'm certain though the exact method of reproduction, that i don't exactly understand, it isn't... well it must get so crowded down there that once in a while why one of them decides it's time to poke his had up for a look around. is this a primordial form of some sort, from which all the others came to pass? the others tend to turn to these as though for guidence, despite how simple they appear to be. requires further study. royce --! >


  • Weeds are immobile but will repair damaged Processes
  • Weeds defend themselves with a harmful barrier when approached
  • Damaged Processes will seek out Weeds when their life is low
  • Weed 2.0 gains a larger more potent healing aura
  • Weed 3.0 spawns other Weeds when struck


Weeds are long, tendril-like tubes that sprout from the ground. They're white in color, with a red eye at the top and a chevron stripe just below.


Weeds cannot move, but they can heal other Processes, making them stronger. Later versions will spawn other Weeds when killed, though not for every new Weed that sprouts. The only way they can damage Red is if she stands too close to them.


  • Version 2.0: Bigger Healing Range
  • Version 3.0: Spawns Other Weeds