"Young lady here to see you." -- Unknown

The YoungLady is a form of the Process. It is the second type of Process encountered by Red.

Designation: YoungLadyEdit

< !-- most embarrassing, though i must admit i can't explain this one's rather conspicuous appearance, specifically its resemblance to the body of a woman. now, mathematically there is a chance this is coincidental, there is always a chance. but i find that hard to believe, and rather, i suspect the process is taking a bit of a liking to us, started taking on some of our quirks, like how one might subconciously assume the mannerisms of a friend? at any rate this one is very unusual, very much so, and rather temperamental too, so i've yet to gain a sense for all her intricacies. royce --! >


  • YoungLady 2.0 is stronger and faster than previous revision
  • YoungLadies spawn BadCells when terminated
  • YoungLadies translocate when hit, making them resistant to successive strikes
  • YoungLadies form copies that deal less damage and have less life
  • YoungLady 3.0 spawns BadCells intermittently


YoungLadies consist of a floating white feminine metal body, and several floating orbs that turn red when firing.


YoungLadies primarily attack with rapid-fire lasers. When struck, a YoungLady will teleport a short distance away and spawn a weak, shadowy duplicate of itself. These duplicates fall when hit once and do not spawn any Cells, but their lasers do as much damage as the original YoungLady's. When a YoungLady is killed, she spawns a large cluster of Cells which go flying out in all directions and respawn into Badcells if not collected.


  • Version 2.0: Double Firepower
  • Version 3.0: Spawns Badcells


  • The first YoungLady is encountered in Goldwalk Plaza after viewing Red's poster.
  • All of the Cells spawned by YoungLadies become Badcells on rebirth.
  • Six YoungLadies and a large amount of Cells are in the Courtyard in Goldwalk when Red returns there later in the game. The YoungLadies do not attack if Red passes through the area without collecting any Cells. Unlike in many other battles, Red can escape through the exit if this group of YoungLadies does attack.